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At ASP, we love our staff alumni! This amazing group of people has spent one or more summers (and/or years) going above and beyond for homeowners, volunteers, and the communities we serve. Alumni, if you are looking for ways to stay connected and engage with ASP, this is your space!  


ASP staffers go out to become leaders in their communities and career sectors. This is a powerful community to network with, so we encourage you to use the following online resources to your advantage.


Want to give back to an organization that changed your life? There are numerous ways you can engage with summer staffers and ASP as a whole, to help ASP continue to develop the next generation of community leaders and serve families in Central Appalachia.


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This is one of our primary modes of communication with staff alumni. Feel free to share articles or job opportunities, or post about your latest home repair project. Looking for a job or contact in a particular field? Post in this group to find out who you might connect with.

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Alumni Spotlight

Cody Boteler

Current Job: I work on the breaking news desk at The Baltimore Banner, a nonprofit digital newsroom in Maryland.

Positions at ASP: I was a volunteer coordinator two years. Tazewell Co. Virginia and Rutherford Co. North Carolina, 2014 and 2015.

Question 1: What ASP skill do you use most in your daily life and/or career? 

It’s definitely the empathy I learned, both as a five-time volunteer and as a staffer. When you’re interviewing people for a story, it’s important to think critically and to make sure to ask the right questions. But it’s also especially important to remember that a lot of people you interview aren’t media trained.

I often say that, if you’re not an elected official or otherwise public person, then if I’m talking to you as a journalist, it’s either the best day of your life or the worst day of your life. Maybe you started a new business or won an award and that’s why we’re talking. But maybe it’s because you just lost your home in a fire or your child died in a car crash. When I’m approaching people to speak for a story, I always, always make sure to remember to meet them where they are, just the way they are. I wouldn’t have that instinct for empathy if not for ASP.

Question 2: How did ASP impact how you approach your career or life calling?

Oh dang, maybe I’ll repeat myself, but it’s all about accepting people where they are and the way they are. I try to remember always that I’m not necessarily here to “change” or “fix” people, but to meet them where they are and embrace them for it.

Question 3: What do you miss most about ASP staff? 

Is it too much of a cop-out to say everything? I miss the rush of energy from seeing a project completed. I miss the intense bond that’s only formed by spending weeks together in the mountains. I miss drinking coffee on The Porch on chilly mornings before training starts. I wouldn’t train my time on staff for anything.


Volunteering/ Helping Hands

  • Bring a summer group or come during the year! We always welcome you back.  
  • Want to volunteer but don’t have a group? Past staffers make great helping hands so sign up to come HOSS a staff or volunteer group any time of year.  
  • HOSS: (v.) to help other staffers succeed; being flexible and available to support others
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Adopt a Summer Staff

  • Sign up as an individual or group to adopt a staff over the summer by sending care packages, gift cards, or notes/videos of encouragement.  
  • Follow the county Facebook pages to see updates from the staff on projects, fundraisers, and more. See the Center pages for county Facebook links. 

Email us at for more information and to sign up. 


  • You know better than anyone that donations go a long way!
  • Consider donating to a staff’s fundraiser throughout the summer, to ASP’s CCW fund, or to the general fund! Learn more about donating here.
  • Help ASP continue serving families in Appalachia while also supporting the next generation of ASP staffers, who we all know go out to be incredible leaders across the country and world


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