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New homes and disaster recovery

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About ASP Home Repairs

Learn more about the repairs ASP performs for our homeowners, what we ask of homeowners, and how it all works.

Where ASP Serves

Learn where ASP serves in central Appalachia

Apply for Home Repair

Apply online for home repair

Other Services

New homes and disaster recovery

Public Notice

Appalachia Service Project (ASP) is a non-profit specializing in providing home repairs and replacement for income eligible households.  ASP is headquartered in Tennessee and provides critical services across the Central Appalachian region.  Repairs range from accessibility modifications, new roofs, added insulation, new floor coverings and many more – all in an effort to help make homes warmer, safer and drier.

New homes are built when a home is unable to be sufficiently repaired.  Our partnerships with local and federal organizations are crucial in funding these projects, and ASP is seeking funding assistance from the USDA for work in various counties in East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Appalachian Kentucky, regarding Rural Development Housing Preservation Grants.

If awarded, this specific partnership would allow ASP to further reach those living in the rural regions of Central Appalachia to assist with healthy and safe housing and work in accordance with USDA initiatives in the field.  For comment or more information, including a request to review proposed Statement of Activities to USDA, please visit  ASP complies with Equal Opportunity Housing Laws.

About ASP Home Repairs

2023 update coming soon – 2022 COVID Update: For your safety, ASP will prioritize working on homes where residents have been vaccinated. ASP strongly recommends that every eligible individual in the home get the COVID-19 vaccine. Proof of vaccination may be needed before volunteers can work on your property.

If you are having trouble accessing a vaccine, please check the resources here (

What types of repairs does ASP do?

Including, but not limited to:

  • Roofing – Replacing and repairing roofs can lead to significant improvements, mitigating damage caused by leaks.
  • Drywall – Drywall projects can be ceiling repair, wall repair, or part of a room addition.
  • Siding – Repairing existing siding or installing new siding weatherizes a home from the elements, making it more efficient and reducing utility costs for homeowners.
  • Floors and Foundations – Ensuring floors are sturdy makes homes safer, giving families the ability to make better use of their space.
  • Porches and Ramps – We often build or restore porches and ramps to make homes more accessible for our families.
  • Home Replacement – In some instances, a new home may be built, however this comes with added qualifications and is limited to certain locations.
  • Other – Based on your home’s specific repair needs and our volunteer skill level and budget availability, other repairs may be performed.

Who does the repairs?

  • Most construction is completed by unskilled volunteers in groups of 5-7. Groups may include adults, college students, and youth.
  • Projects are selected and managed by a staff of young adults, and overseen by ASP full-time staff.
  • Certain projects will be completed by subcontractors as needed, but these are on a case by case basis.
  • Homeowners and their families are invited to take part in the repairs as able.

How does it work and who's eligible?

  • ASP provides all supplies, materials, and labor needed to complete selected projects. There is no cost to homeowners.
  • Stick-built homes and mobile homes are both eligible for ASP services.
  • ASP requires proof of homeownership before starting work (deed/title). If you do not own the home/land, additional paperwork will be needed.
  • ASP will complete repairs for those renting their home and/or land, however a lease amendment will be required with cooperation from the owner.
  • Homeowners are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe environment for our staff and volunteers.
  • Additional documents may be collected if the project is funded by grants.

ASP is only able to serve a small percentage of those applying.  We keep applications on file for three full years.  If you have a question regarding the status of an application or would like help completing an application, please contact our main office at (423) 854-8800.

Home Maintenance Resources

ASP Service Area

Service Area: Summer

ASP completes repairs in 20-25 communities in the summertime. Volunteers serve for 6-8 weeks, typically with 10-20 families per county.

  • Kentucky
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
Summer Service Area

Service Area: Fall, Winter, and Spring

  • Tennessee – Carter County, Hancock County, Sullivan County, Unicoi County, Washington County
  • Virginia – Lee County, VA

Seasonal Work Opportunity!

ASP is seeking cooks to make meals for our volunteers. Learn more here.

Applying for Repairs

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Step 1

Complete an application for home repair either online or by mail.

Please Note: ASP agrees that no applicant will be discriminated against or denied service on the grounds of age, sex, race, religion, familial status, national origin, veteran status, or differing physical or mental ability.

Step 2

ASP staff and/or volunteers will visit a selection of homes throughout the spring to evaluate projects. You will receive a call if your home is selected for an initial visit.

Please note, not every home will receive a visit.

Step 3

ASP staff will notify you if your home is selected. Homes are selected based on time, availability, budget, volunteer skill level, and other factors

Additional Information

If your home is not selected, ASP will keep your application on file for 3 years. You may resubmit an application after 3 years or if there are significant changes to your application

A home may not qualify at all for ASP’s services for reasons that include but are not limited to: location, amount of need, safety, etc. If this is the case for your home, a staff member will inform you of this and your application will be archived. If any of these reasons change, you may submit a new application

ASP requires proof of homeownership in order to work on a home. Please be ready to submit a copy of your deed to staff if they select your home to visit (this will speed up the process). If you do not own your home, ASP will complete and file a lease amendment with you, the owner, and ASP staff. Please be sure your landlord/the property owner approves home repairs being completed.

Apply Now Online

ASP New Homes & Disaster Recovery

ASP’s New Build program is currently limited to these specific locations: Tri Cities, TN area and Hancock County, TN with possible expansion into the West Side of Charleston, WV. All eligible applicants must be living in an irreparable home, toxic renting situation, or currently homeless. Applicants must earn below 80% of the average median income based on HUD Income Limits.

ASP is currently working in Waverly, TN doing disaster recovery work following severe flooding in 2021. No other disaster recovery work is currently underway in the Appalachian region. For more information about Waverly, including how to apply for assistance, please visit

Please note: ASP believes that each person is a child of God, imbued with dignity and worth. All are welcome to respectfully and peacefully participate with ASP, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.

To apply, complete a New Build application and our team will contact you if you are eligible. Please note, the only location options for the online application are the ones listed above. If you live in a different location, unfortunately we will not be able to provide this service. You may be eligible for our repair program (see above).

Apply for a New Build

Questions about ASP New Build can be directed to our staff here.