Appalachian Cultural Resources

ASP is committed to continue learning and educating ourselves and our community about the Appalachian region. Explore these topics through various media forms to learn more about this region that so many of us have come to care deeply for.


There is a rich history in Appalachia from the many different immigrants that settled in the area from Europe in the 1700s. Learn about who settled in the area, the impact of coal, and how this region became known as Appalachia.

Arts & Culture

There are many traditions that have come from Appalachia that started from the need for self-sufficiency in the mountains. The region is known for handmade quilts, pottery, wood carvings, poetry, writing, and music.

Food & Agriculture

Access to food in a rural area can be challenging and many people in Appalachia have turned to sustainable farming options in the region. Learn about what communities are doing and about traditional Appalachian cuisines.


Education is an important way to invest in the next generation. Take a look at what Appalachian communities are doing to try and improve education in their area.


An original East Tennessee PBS production

8th of August: Tennessee’s Celebration of Emancipation

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation didn’t apply to the state of Tennessee. Nevertheless, then-Military governor Andrew Johnson freed his own slaves on the 8th of August, 1863. This event would set off a century and half of freedom celebrations still celebrated today.

Podcast - Stuff You Missed in History Class: Battle of Blair Mountain

This podcast episode covers events from 1921, when coal miners fed up with unfair labor practices and exploitation took up arms against their employers in Logan County, WV. The resulting conflict lasted five days and has been called the biggest armed uprising on U.S. soil since the Civil War.

Arts & Culture

Grammy nominated Johnson City, TN native Amythyst Kiah preforms “Firewater” in the Radio Bristol Studio. Radio Bristol is a network of channels showcasing diversity of American roots music from the early recording era to today, with a variety of original programming each day that celebrates the roots and branches of early country music, bluegrass, Americana, and more.

Podcast - Black in Appalachia: Nikki Giovanni

This episode features award winning legendary poet, author, and civil rights legend Nikki Giovanni. Listen as she talks Appalachian history and family stories.

Podcast - Inside Appalachia - Ture Stories Behind Folk Heroes, Runaway Trains and Murder Ballads

This week on Inside Appalachia, we’re talking about traditional ballads — how they tell stories and connect us to the past.

These old tunes can mean so much. They can tap into difficult emotions and give feelings space to be heard. Some songs may even be too uncomfortable to sing.

In this special episode with guest co-host, ballad singer Saro Lynch-Thomason, we explore songs about lawbreaking folk hereo, runaway trains and murder ballads.

Additional Videos

Food & Agriculture

In 2019, the only grocery store in Clay County, WV closed its doors for good. Two years and a pandemic later, there continues to be no full service grocery store in the county. Join the Appalachia Service Project in learning about the challenges of food insecurity in this community and in Appalachia, and how organizations, community leaders, and residents work together to feed their community.

Podcast - Inside Appalachia: When Traditional Food Becomes Trendy

This episode talks about food from the Appalachian region. They will explore what happens when fancy chefs start cooking up Appalachian traditional fare and discuss how cuisine Appalachian’s consider to be staples are called “trash food” by others.


Podcast - Inside Appalachia: Appalachia is Facing an Unprecedented Teacher Shortage - What Some Coal Communities Are Doing To Entice More Teachers To Stay

Schools are facing unprecedented staff shortages – here in Appalachia and across the country. This episode will show what teachers and schools are up against and what solutions could help keep more educators from burning out.

Podcast: Black in Appalachia: Berea College

This episode explores the history of Berea College and it’s legacy for Appalachia.

Podcast: ICF Podcast - Education in Appalachia: COVID-19 is changing education in the region

Podcast: Inside Appalachia - Hands-on Education Provides Route To Success