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What is ASP@Home?

  • ASP@Home is a toolkit that assists you in planning a valuable hometown volunteer experience while keeping you connected to the work of ASP in Appalachia. Sign up and you will receive exclusive online resources and a toolkit in the mail in time for summer programming.
  • This highly customizable program lets you structure activities and goals to meet your group’s unique circumstances. There are three key components: (1) GATHER to build community, grow faith, and inspire service-minded discipleship among your group; (2) PARTNER with ASP to fund critical home repairs for Appalachian families; (3) SERVE families in your local community.

How does it work?

  • Sign up your group with a $25 registration fee and you will receive a toolkit for planning a meaningful volunteer project in your home community. You will also receive customizable curriculum for teambuilding, preparing and debriefing your group for the volunteer project.
  • The curriculum is based on ASP’s 2021 theme and will include education about the Appalachian region. Additionally, you will receive resources on fundraising for ASP to support projects in Appalachia. You can stay connected to ASP by knowing that we are completing projects in the mountains while you are also serving at home.

What resources are available to me?

  • ASP will mail you a toolkit including: leader’s guide booklet, pre- and post- project gathering outlines, guide for how to plan and execute a volunteer project at home, templates for work agreements with homeowners, merchandise catalog, fundraising tools and incentives, ASP swag for participants. Leaders will also be given access to online resources for printing and access to videos.

How does this help Appalachian families?

  • Funds you raise through ASP@Home will be used to support critical home repairs for Appalachian families.
  • Many of those served are disabled, Veterans, children, elderly, and/or female heads of household. Across the ASP service-territory, virtually all families served live below 80% Area Median Income (AMI), though ASP does not mandate this requirement, factoring in other critical realities (healthcare costs, risk for children, etc.). During the current pandemic, we are still finding creative and safe ways to continue to serve families in need using skilled staff and/or hired contractors to carry out our mission.
  • ASP remains committed to serving as a “relational ministry with construction on the side.” We work to establish each repair site as an intersection of compassion for youth/adult volunteers to bring hope to the families they serve, even as they are transformed in the process (and provide life-skills, construction-skills, and critical exposure to the region). ASP is deeply committed to developing youth through our mission.

What benefits do youth get from participating?

  • ASP@Home is designed to promote teambuilding, spiritual growth, leadership development, community service, and education about Appalachia and housing issues.

How much does my group have to fundraise?

  • Each group sets their own goals according to their desires and ability. We will provide some suggestions, but there is no specific amount required to participate.

What if my group can't meet in person due to Covid-19?

  • The ASP@Home curriculum allows for creativity with online meetings. Service projects can be done in smaller groups or customized to be done on the exterior of homes, or with members of your own household, etc. The idea is just to inspire service and get creative with how that can happen in your own community.

Can I use these materials to raise funds for other organizations and my own church?

  • The materials are designed to raise funds to support ASP and the corresponding projects.

Can we keep fundraising after our ASP@Home gathering?

  • Always!

What kind of support will I get for my group?

  • You will receive a professionally developed, high quality toolkit in the mail as well as exclusive online content and access to our experienced ASP team if you have questions or need assistance.

What if I have more questions?

  • We’re here to help! Give us a call at (423) 854-8800.