New Group Recruitment Guide

Everything you’ll need to get a new group excited and registered for a Mission Trip with ASP.

Let's Get Started

We know firsthand how much effort goes into successfully introducing the ASP experience to a new group, so we’ve developed this guide to help streamline & simplify the process of leveraging your personal connections, contacts in your region, and interested leads in order to bring the ASP experience to new groups.

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Step by Step Guide

Please use the following step by step guide and resources to help you share ASP with connections within your sphere of influence. And, don’t hesitate to be in touch with us if you have any questions along the way!

1. Connection understands the mission, purpose, and transformational experience provided by ASP, and wishes to explore trip options.

2. Connection understands the unique volunteer program opportunities.

3. Connection understands ASP’s expectations of them as the Trip Coordinator/Group Leader.

4. Connection is ready to register!


Resources Describing the ASP Experience

Does your connection now understand ASP’s mission and are they ready to learn how to get started?

ASP’s Volunteer Opportunities

Does your connection now understand what kinds of opportunities ASP offers?

ASP Discovery Webinars

Invite your connections to a Discovery Webinar, where they can meet ASP staff, ask questions, and get some tips and tricks for leading a group. Although not required, we have found this to be a helpful resource.