Vehicle Requirements and Rental Information

Get the right information about vehicles for your ASP mission trip

Vehicle Requirements


When you arrange your transportation, you will need to plan for one vehicle for each work crew of 5-7 people. There will be no extra transportation available at the center. Vehicles should be able to transport up to 7 people, along with tools, equipment, coolers, lunches, and some building materials to the worksites each day. 

We have found that larger vans work best, although this is not a requirement. Minivans, trucks, or SUVs will work, however they present some limitations on what supplies you are able to carry. It is also often difficult to park more than one vehicle at worksites. Large buses as a group’s only means of transportation are strictly prohibited.

When groups come with vehicles not capable of hauling supplies to the worksite, there may be a delay in receiving necessary project materials. If this is the case, it is helpful to have a floating volunteer (extra adult) in a pickup truck or other large vehicle to help the staff deliver materials faster.

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Rentals with Enterprise and National

ASP has entered a corporate partnership with Enterprise Holdings, the parent company of Enterprise and National. We recognize that acquiring vehicles for your service experience to Central Appalachia is a large expense and Enterprise is now offering discounts and other benefits to ASP volunteers. You can find a summary of their rates and benefits here.

Please note that this opportunity is optional.

Rent an Enterprise Vehicle Using ASP's Discount