Appalachia Service Project’s Campus Chapters are student-led, campus-based organizations that encourage collegiate students to bring the values of ASP into their home communities. These students lead service and leadership initiatives through home repair for low-income families and follow ASP’s model for home repair projects in their local community. We love that our volunteers have initiated ASP Campus Chapters at their own universities, so we have provided five tips for fundraising on your college campus.

1. Choose a Fun Theme 
One of the best ways to encourage college students to participate in your fundraising event is to select a creative and unique theme. We’re all a bit tired of the traditional bake sale, so why not think outside the box for your event? Some fresh ideas for you to try include:

-Trivia Night: Find a location on campus or at a local restaurant to hold your event and have your guests pay an entry fee. Prepare a list of trivia questions — bonus points if you provide food!

 Silent Disco: No DJ needed! Simply create an awesome playlist and give your event-goers a headset when they arrive.

– Color Run: Host a 5k race around campus and douse your participants in rainbow powder! With music blasting, color runs are more like a celebration than an athletic event.

– Need more ideas? This list has 100 fundraiser ideas!

2. Pick a Popular Spot on Campus

What areas on your campus have the highest traffic? Find a location where you know people will be hanging out or walking by. Sunny days ahead? Plan to host your event on the campus green. Heading into midterms or finals week? Set up outside the library. If students can easily spot your event, they’re more likely to participate!

3. Use a Ticketing or Registration Platform
Utilizing a registration platform for nonprofitsis a great way to sell tickets and manage your event. College students are known to not carry cash– a registration platform allows students to purchase tickets and send donations through their mobile device. Now there’s no excuse not to donate! In addition, you can share your event on social media through the platform’s social sharing capabilities. Create a post for your college’s Facebook page and get the buzz going around campus!

4. Timing is Everything 

Find out what times are the most active on your campus to host a fundraiser. Often students are busy during the weekdays with class and work, but are more willing to attend fundraiser events during nights or weekends. Many colleges offer free blocks or activity hours throughout the week, when no classes are held. Take advantage of free time on campus to host your event!

5. Stick to Your Budget

The more money you spend on your fundraising event, the fewer donations you have for ASP (or any organization!). Find budget-friendly ways to set up your event! Do-it-yourself projects are often the best option when hosting events on a college student’s budget. Many colleges or universities will provide funding to campus organizations that fundraise for nonprofit organizations. Find out if your campus provides this opportunity!

Interested in starting your own ASP Campus Chapter? Find out how to get started here!



Cara Nagy

ASP College Programs, email , Call/Text (423) 470-2231