Each week of this summer, ASP has hosted a Photo Competition on our Facebook page, designed to capture the heart of ASP from the eyes of our volunteers, homeowners, and staff. For 7 weeks we received submissions, each with their own story and heart. This week, we took some time to award some superlatives, and we are excited to announce the results to you today!

#1 The Popular Vote

This vote was captured by a run off on our Facebook page based on the most “Liked” photos from throughout the summer. The run off determined our most popular photo of the summer to be:

Samantha Humphrey
Caption: Little Helper
With honorable mentions from:
Katie Boland
Caption: Dreaming on Lilli’s first bed. This was the last day on our work site. Our crew surprised Lilli with the bed frame, mattress & boxspring. This is her first bed ever. She was so excited. As she sat on the bed with Jessica, they chatted about dreams and wishes. Lilli wished that she’d wake up in her new bed the next day with her mom, dad, baby brother and all her new friends there. It broke our hearts since this was our last day on site. ?
Emily DeMouth
Caption: Just wanted to let you know that this organization really changed my life and lead me on the right path so I could figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Thank you a million times.

#2 The Best Photo

This category was voted on by individuals who specialize in photography and marketing. Each voting member has previous experience photographing the heart of ASP, and voted based on photography technique and skill. The best photo that was submitted is:
Audrey Sherk
Caption: Floored
With honorable mentions from:

Samantha Humphrey
Caption: Little Helper

Caroline Van Nort

#3 The Spirit of ASP

While every photo that was submitted this summer captured the Spirit of ASP to the photographer, we had a final run off vote with the staff at ASP Headquarters to determine which photo showed the ultimate Spirit of ASP. While phrases of, “How am I supposed to vote for just one, they’re all amazing,” rang through the halls of the office, it was eventually narrowed down. Below you see what has been thoughtfully chosen as the encompassing the full and true Spirit of ASP:

Mackenzie Mercer
Caption: To me, ASP means meeting new people that will change my life forever. Given only one week to do so however, is completely heartbreaking. In turn, I find ways to use every moment. Hearing the stories my homeowners tell of the lives they’ve lived, the adventures they’ve taken, the lessons they’ve learned. These are the special moments I take back home with me and cherish forever. These are the moments that make ASP, well, ASP.
With honorable mentions from:
Bitsy Ward
Aimee Williams

We thank everyone who participated this summer, it was truly an honor to see what ASP means to you through photography!
Did you miss out on the action? Have no fear, ASP will continue to offer opportunities for you to share your story and your voice through a variety of platforms. Stay tuned for our next competition to have your voice heard and to win cool prizes. In the meantime, if you have photos or stories you would like to share with ASP staff, please email Stories@ASPhome.org today and chat with us!