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More volunteers = More impact in Central Appalachia

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Why Grow?

Through your service experience with ASP you have witnessed the transformative power of a week of service. With a lager group next summer, you are not only providing more members of your community with this incredible experience, you are also providing more families in Central Appalachia with critical home repair– it’s a win:win!

About these Resources

We thank you for being a dedicated volunteer group with ASP, and we want to help you do more! On this page you will find resources to help you recruit new group members from your community and, as a result, have a lasting impact on the Appalachian region because of it. All of these resources come from your peers, Trip Coordinators who have had success growing their own group size. Hear from them directly and implement practices that have already been proven to work.


1. Deciding to Grow

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2. Recruiting Outside Your Congregation

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3. Recruiting Youth

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4. Recruiting Adults

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What others are saying about growing their group:

Hattie Koher, FUMC LaGrange

“We’ve created an “ASP culture” in our church where it’s almost a rite of passage to go on the trip.”

Bruce Thompson, UMC Whitefish Bay

“Exposing the kids to a week at ASP gives them a real life experience in service to others, spirituality from the families they serve and the leaders and other kids.”

Jay Krusell, Church of Christ Congregational

“Most participants testify that ASP is their most fulfilling week of the year, so ‘the more the merrier'”

Lee Ferrell, Severna Park UMC

“More families are helped; more youth grow in their faith. What could be better than that?”

Steve Coppock, Jesse Lee ASP

“It certainly generates excitement to have your group grow. We feel pride in knowing that we can keep sending more volunteers down to help the people of Appalachia.”

Leslie Schoettes, Batavia UMC

“The joy of seeing kids transformed is multiplied. There is a bit more work involved, but you also have a lot more adults to help. God calls us to serve others, the more the better!'”

Bryan Ellis, St. Matthews UCC

“The more that we can get to ASP the better the world will be.”

Jason Deramo, Cardinal Spellman HS

“Don’t underestimate the power of the invitation and of any change. Change can be really good, and it’s super helpful to grow the group.”

Ned Lott, Northminster Presbyterian

“The ASP ‘Vibe’ is very positive in the areas around our church. And the adults know that the trip is not just a “youth mission trip” but one that is also about adult service and family togetherness. “