COVID-19 Response

In spite of COVID-19, the families of Central Appalachia still need our assistance, perhaps now more than ever.

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COVID-19 Volunteer Hosting Protocols

THANK YOU for your continued enthusiasm and support of the mission of ASP. Health and safety are our top priorities. Though we cannot eliminate all risks, ASP has enacted guidelines and procedures to reduce the risk of spreading of COVID-19. Protocols will be updated as needed to reflect the most recent CDC and local health officials’ recommendations. In addition to the details on this page, all volunteers will receive instructions prior to and during their service experience. The basics are outlined below.

Last updated on 11/10/2020

Volunteer Protocols

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Symptom Check

Volunteers, staff, and families will be asked to track and self-screen symptoms for 14 days prior to participation with ASP. Those with symptoms, or positive diagnosis, must stay home until fully recovered. We recommend that those in vulnerable populations delay their service until it is safe to be in public. Daily symptom checks will be conducted at the centers. Those exhibiting symptoms will need to enter isolation.

  • Volunteers will be responsible for tracking their own symptoms in preparation for their service experience. Youth should be overseen by an adult. ASP will provide a symptom checking tool to use as a guide as your time of service approaches. For the health and safety of all involved, we ask for volunteers to be conservative in their assessments- when in doubt, please remain at home. We will be waiting patiently to welcome you back once you have recovered!
  • Volunteers should also refer to their state and local travel guidelines and ensure they can commit to any travel restrictions or quarantine guidelines before and after their dates of service if necessary.

Limit Persons & Social Distance

Capacity at ASP Centers will be reduced to lessen the chance of spread and to ensure a comfortable 6 ft distancing can be maintained while indoors.

  • Each center will have specific guidelines for congregating, sleeping and eating depending on the layout of the facility. Specifics will be shared with you upon your arrival and signage will be displayed to assist in communication of guidelines.

Cover Your Mouth and Nose

Please bring plenty of face masks with you. Masks must be worn while indoors except while eating, sleeping, and showering. Masks must be worn outdoors when 6 ft social distancing cannot be maintained. Masks should be CDC approved washable cloth or disposable paper masks. N-95 masks are preferred while working with construction dust.

  • ASP will provide some masks for use while working on site, but it is recommended for each volunteer to bring plenty of their own re-usable and/or disposable masks to ensure coverage at all times to supplement ASP’s supply.
  • For the protection of the families we serve, other volunteers, and our staff, volunteers who are unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition MUST delay their participation with ASP until it is safe to gather without a mask.

Exterior Work Prioritized

Work projects will be limited to exterior work unless interior work can be accomplished safely. Do NOT enter a home unless absolutely necessary. Follow masking guidelines while on site. Masks must be worn when entering a home.

  • Relationships with families are still important to us! We recommend that your team find a safe, physically distanced way to get to know residents by socializing outdoors.

Wash and Sanitize Frequently

ASP will provide cleaning products, hand-washing stations, and hand sanitizer at the center. Additional sanitation procedures and chores will be performed daily to encourage a clean shared living space. Volunteers should bring hand sanitizer for use during travel and while on worksites.

Food Service

The kitchen will be sanitized before and after each meal. Food will be plated instead of served buffet style. Those preparing food will wear gloves and masks. Mealtimes may be staggered to limit the number of people eating at any time and to allow for 6 ft social distancing.

Sleeping and Showering

Sleeping rooms will be arranged to allow for CDC-recommended distance between participants. Showering times and facilities will be arranged to limit the number of users. Showers will be disinfected before and after each use.

  • As recommended by the American Camp Association, staff will assist with the layout of sleeping quarters to ensure a minimum of 6’ distance between the faces of sleeping individuals.
  • EPA approved disinfectant will be provided outside of each shower stall. Volunteers will be required to  spray the shower before and after each use.


Volunteers will be required to sign an additional COVID-19 disclosure and liability release statement prior to participation. ASP will communicate publicly and immediately about COVID-19 prevention protocols and changing conditions.

Flexibility and Kindness

We ask volunteers and staff to commit to flexibility as we navigate these unprecedented times. As is ASP’s way, we encourage all participants to show care and love to each other and respect that everyone’s comfort level may differ during these times.

  • Protocols are subject to change based on current recommendations from the CDC and local health officials. ASP will provide guidance about site specific mandates as needed.  Safety will be our top priority.
  • ASP staff will provide opportunities for feedback during your time of service. If you ever feel unsafe, please bring your concerns to the staff so we can promptly correct the situation.

COVID-19 Promise

All deposits for future volunteer dates are 100% refundable if dates are canceled by ASP due to COVID-19 restrictions. We want you to feel comfortable volunteering with ASP. Please carefully and prayerfully consider your involvement and reach out to us if you have any questions.

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ASP’s Official COVID-19 Statements

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Volunteer Resources

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Volunteer with ASP

Lead your group on a safe, healthy, impactful mission trip in 2020. Get started today!

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ASP's Official COVID-19 Statements

Read past communications from ASP regarding COVID-19.

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Volunteer Resources

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