“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and Love your neighbor as yourself”

Luke 10:27 (NIV)


We are excited to have you join the community of volunteers from over 29 states representing 257 church and community groups (and counting!) who are committed to share God’s love with our neighbors in Central Appalachia. Each person connected to the ministry of ASP is accepted, valued and essential to the fruitful ministry of home repair in this region. We are so happy to have you be part of the ongoing story of ASP’s ministry.

While your departure may be months away, your trip starts here. These pre trip sessions are designed to help your group prepare for your week of service. These sessions include information about ASP’s mission, the principles of Safety, Stewardship and Sensitivity that guide our work, and devotions and reflections on our theme for this year. These sessions will help you build a spiritual foundation for your week and learn about ASP’s best practices.

This year’s theme verse is from Luke 10:27 and is a call to action urging us to live as people who love God with everything we have and who extend the love of God to all people in need, our neighbors. We love God when we live fully in relationship with God and our neighbor. We love our neighbor when we reach out with compassion to all in need.

Our theme “Love Strong” focuses on ASP’s core value of “accepting people right where they are and just the way they are.” When we accept all people, share God’s love with them and embrace them as neighbor- we become those who share the strength of God’s love with each other.

All groups are asked to use our pre trip materials and to do this in the way that best fits your group. This year we offer core sessions, ASP classic sessions and construction practice session. Start with the Introduction to ASP session and then choose sessions to help your groups prepare for a week of living in community and serving neighbors. Our website also has a great section of cultural resources you might want to check out!

Once you arrive at your ASP center, you will receive our Field Guide with daily devotions, our Question(s) of the day for reflection and worksite discussion for your team. We will provide lots of ASP facts, trivia, and center information to help you feel at home in the county where you serve. We will start our days with Morning Devotions and end with Evening Gatherings to remain centered in the love of Christ.

Blessings as you prepare!

Rev. Jane Cheema

Director of Spiritual Programs

Session 1

Introducing Appalachia, ASP, and our theme “Love Strong”

Session 1 PacketSession 1 PowerPoint

Session 2

Learning Sensitivity

Session 2 PacketSession 2 PowerPointASP's 3 S's

Tool Training Exercises

Give your volunteers a chance to use tools hands on before their trip by completing the projects below

Picnic Table: Detailed Instructions HereStep Stool: Detailed Instructions Here

Additional Resources

For more information about logistics, recruitment, and preparation, visit our Trip Coordinator Resources page

Commissioning Service 2023Trip Coordinator ResourcesAdditional Resources for Pre-Trip PreparationCultural Resources

Have questions or feedback about the pre-trip sessions? Email us and let us know.

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Did you know that ASP has a Scholarship program? If you have group members unable to participate that cannot attend ASP due to financial reasons, click the button below and apply on their behalf so they can serve with you on your next ASP trip.

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